Welcome of Pilgrims

The pilgrim hospital, Mater Salutis, it is not your average refuge. It is designed for those pilgrims who wish to deepen their spiritual experience. A minimum stay of two nights is manditory.

    We try to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility where you will not only be able to rest or get to know other pilgrims, but also through contact with monastic liturgy and personal prayer you can gain definite access to spiritual exercise of the pilgrimage.

The rooms are basic for guests. Each pilgrim has an individual bed with clean sheets. A small library is available and you can rest in the hospital´s small cloister.

We try to create a friendly atmosphere so that you can not only share your experiences with pilgrims, but above all, friendship. With this in mind, meals are prepared by those in charge of the hospital and we all eat together.

    The timetable is in line with the various monastic liturgical prayers where everyone can participate freely. Whoever wishes can request meeting or spiritual direction from a monk. As well as this, with certain regularity, various pastoral activities are carried