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Monastic Hospitality

All who come to the monastery are to be welcomed as Christ, because he once said, I was a pilgrim and you welcomed me.

    There motives for wishing to experience monastic hospitality are varied. Benedictines have developed the art of hospitality and hold a long tradition of offering our guests our most essential and precious treasure: the desire to serve Christ, the true King.

    We have a small Guest Wing with four rooms, where men and women may spend from a minimum of three days to a maximum of ten days.

You may ask, what would one do during this time in the monastery? Most find the opportunity to share the monastic life of the community to be enriching. Our guests become become close to the monks. We eat and pray together in a relaxed ambience. If desired, a programme of spiritual exercises can be organized by one of the monks.

    When modern life accelerates and pushes, when we have no time for self-reflection, when we become exhausted by technology and communication, when we lose the joy of giving thanks to the Lord, it is good to take a break and to take refuge in the Guest Wing of the monastery.

On one hand, it can be a time of rest, a time for one to reconnect with oneself and with God in order to rebuild one´s spiritual life. On the other hand, our Guest Wing allows one to be immersed in the life of the pilgrimage to Santiago. Every day, many pilgrims pass by the monastery and it is very enriching to have contact with them. As well, you can go walking in the surrounding areas or follow the Way to the famous Cruz de Hierro more or less an hour and a half on foot.